i'm not going to invest my time on blogging anymore. bye blog!

Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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Better Man - Thomas Barsoe

Monday, December 29, 2008, 11:14 PM

okay, here's how it goes. im gonna be baptised as Japheth Jeremy Chea Guo Zhang. Japheth is my baptism name, and jeremy is my childhood name. throwing it in to make it look cool XD. hahaha.
and Japheth is pronounced as JAY-feth.
so me, boon how and jeremy formed the JAY-club!
Japheth Jeremy Chea Guo Zhang (JAY-feth)
Jairus Edwin Tan Boon How (JAY-rus)
Jeremy Thaddeus Choo Chian Kuan (JAY-JAY, called by relatives when young.)
so we made a Jay-club jersey with our names, and one letter for each of us from J-A-Y. i got Y! hahahaha. random us.
and here's our dinner! with shawn too!

jeremy can be the model for IKEA cafe! with a walking boon how.
me and jeremy!
shawn with his GAY cap. hahaha. product of IKEA.
four musketeers! that cannot grow up.
crazy long queue. but took a short time to reach.
awwww. the waiter that cleared our table.
this is cool, but this is singapore too. nobody clears their trays!
wowwww. they have trolleys for trays.
i found this kind of hilarious. hahaha.
me and shawn!
plus boonie!
our foooood. shawn despo to be in the pic.
a groupieee!