i'm not going to invest my time on blogging anymore. bye blog!

Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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english paper
Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 11:09 PM

WHAT. THE. HELL. i am so irritated by how i've done. the question was to choose a venue for my class outing. last year's class outing was sentosa. and a lot of classmates feedback sentosa go a lot of times before. and i still chose to go to sentosa! hahaha. everyone says im a gone case. but they never say choose ANOTHER venue! but im still quite dead. then comes the compo. write about a time where you could not stop laughing at an inappropriate moment. i write till last five minutes, then i realised i COULD stop laughing if i wanted to!
and that's how i screwed my english. goodbye to my high hopes for my L1R5. i so want to die.