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extra lessons and extra extra lessons start tomorrow.
Monday, September 1, 2008, 8:48 PM

well, im stuck with lessons for tomorrow and wednesday. no badminton courts on wednesday! so switched to play beach volleyball at the new cool court at bishan. haha. weeeee. yep.

here's the plan for my holidays:
last saturday: beach volleyball
today: badminton
wednesday: badminton beach volleyball
friday: beach volleyball

domination of the beach volleyball. and my studies will sure suffer yea, haha. dont know whether to study or go to metamorphosis tomorrow. i know! i'll study near nexus! since all hopees will be in metamorphosis, nobody will notice i study at somerset! yay! haha. pending lah, this decision. may just decide to pop into metamorphosis. hahaha.

alright, off to teach joshua how to use my chinese notes(im like such a noob myself), and finish mr lim's homework! i must! and have an early night for the 8am tomorrow. god. hahaha.

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