i'm not going to invest my time on blogging anymore. bye blog!

Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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Better Man - Thomas Barsoe

Friday, March 21, 2008, 10:15 PM

awwww. i find myself to have no urge to blog nowadays. aint that sad? hahaa. realised i havent blogged for a week plus now.

well, i decided to blog because of something funny that happened just now. i went to my cousin's house for a stayover and he asked me to buy kfc for him. and i saw steven with his family. haha. and not forgetting his maid who "digs his ears and cuts his nails" for him. haaha. i tapped him on the shoulder and he gave me the -what the hell- look haha. then realised it's me and then gave me funny look. hahaha. his cousin says im freaking tall! well, i guess i am! haha. bhb.

health check was funny lah. i was 182cm and 57kg. then the nurse say wah not bad you from 50kg underweight gain 7kg. then see my height and says i grown 6cm! must be something wrong. then i say look at my sec one height and she was like shocked and say i must be crazily growing hahah. my average height growth per year is 6.06cm! heh,

and that's that. MONSTER HUNTER IS IRRITATINGLY FUN! haha. i like keep playing but keep dying. school got steven amol coach me. yhope got chenxiang coach me. but i am still like totally noobified. haha. hearing about their hours of playing makes me really scared of being addicted man. i like now the psp register me for three hours of playing. steven plays 120hours of monster hunter and he says got people play like 500 hours of monster hunter! zzz.

oh well. time to go sleep to wake up early for choir tomorrow! byebye!