i'm not going to invest my time on blogging anymore. bye blog!

Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 9:45 PM

wooots. blogging for today and yesterday. haha. went to study with keith, yeshen, mervin and eventually gideon came too. haha. was quite fun studying with keith.

then went to jubilee popular with him for a break and when i wanted to go home, keith told me that gigi coming so i went all the way back to amk macs again. lameeeee. then ming jang came too. lols. and left. slacker. haha. ate hub foodcourt with gigi and keith and then studied back at macs again. =.= hahaa.

then study till 11.45 then go home! buttttt. gideon saw that there is LATE NIGHT SHOPPING at FAIRPRICE! woooo. hahaahahha. he was quite interested so i followed although i was going to miss last bus/train. haha. then went there then realised it was closed! haha. so i ALMOST went LATE NIGHT SHOPPING, not at orchard but at FAIRPRICE! haha!

my new calculator!

coming out!

must be thinking im some retard that dont know how to open calculator!


JUST bought my bio theory and chem practical. lols. lost them lah!

whhooo. random snapping of legs. haha.

my ALMOST-went "late shopping" below! haha.

and a little interesting thing!

You Are Orange

Bright and intense, you embrace the world and all its opportunities.
Change does not intimidate you, even if it's a complete life overhaul.
You're a very real person. You aren't scared to show the world who you are.
What Color Orange Are You?
it's fate. orange. it's fate.