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Better Man - Thomas Barsoe

Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 10:28 PM

oh yay. i didnt have any lessons today at all because of council investiture. hurhur. tomorrow too! i worked out a lot today while setting up. didnt know i could sweat so much. hahas. have i found the joy of carrying chairs? hurhur.

okayy. started off with assembly. OHMYTIANN. im doing announcements tomorrow! what if i screw up man?! hurhur. depends on zhibin. hahas. i let him choose to be PC or announcer. dont know what he choose. oh goshh. speech day was enough man. why still got morning assembly duties. ahhhh. shall do my best tomorrow? hurhur.

then we gathered to go arrange the chairs for invest dry run. lol. the uncle who has the ahll storeroom key went missing so we went over the whole school to look for him. then in the end decided to carry chairs from L1 and L2. i carried four eh all the way to the hall. hahas. then still not enough and we were despo. so we just moved the extra canteen benches. then it was sec threes turn for break. and when we came back the uncle was there! praise god! and he also brought loads of chairs for us with the other uncles. thanks lots uncles! hurhur.

then the rehearsal started. it went okay. i saw the slideshow for the first time. omgosh i got like two or three photos and it's all spastic poses out of nowhere. lol. hahas. then ms sharmilah asked us to rest! hahas. before the real dry run started.

wah lao it was damn malu lah the real dry run. i was like standing at the chairs there. then suddenly got ultimate playing. so i shook my head like siao person. totally oblivious of the threeone peeps who were laughing like mad. AT ME. then ms goh walk past me and said wahh you really attention seeking man. and i was like oh gosh and realised what happened. hurhur.

then we entered the hall! hahas. i was standing at attention at my place. then suddenly wenhua stupid keep calling my name. and i couldnt turn so i smiled. then wenhua went aiyo guozhang cannot smile sia. stupid lah. and he's like at the end of the hall so he's practically roaring from there. grrrr. hahas. malu.

the going up the hall part was quite acceptable and the speeches were quite boring. lol. but i got listen to each one of them okayy. then when it was finally over i slowly took my time and changed. hahahs. cause is sec ones dance first. oh well. so they danced and finished. i didnt see how they dance so dont know nice or not. no comment. hahas. then when it was our turn the PA crew play the song very soft. then cannot hear. i totally missed the first part. wasted. lols. then it went on well. and the people in front of me all dont know how to dance! i was like so pissed. shall teach them more tomorrow. hurhur.

and investiture was over! hahas. ms sharmilah and teachers looked super annoyed. so not a good thing. then when ms sharmilah started she was talking weirdly. so i knew something wrong. and suddenly, she exploded. and scolded and scolded us for how bad we did and how un-wanting we are about this matter. i was like feeling so sad loh throughout the whole thing. shall do my very best tomorrow! and they wanted to scrap off the dance item 0.0 lols. its seriously a little unfair to the others who practiced so hard through the holidays lah. then they suddenly just scrap it out. it would be so depressing and time wasting. glad that we have like a last chance to prove ourselves tomorrow but i dont think that it'll make any difference loh. judging from what the people are doing now, just following others and stuff. the teachers will never be pleased from what we have now.

then i slacked and played a bit of volleyball here and there. and then stayed till 5pm and went home. hahas. turned on my new phone today! wanted to bring to school but woke up at 6 so no point bringing. since no time to transfer the data. hahas. now i've got all my songs inside! hahas. and the headphones are something new too. hahas. plug in ones. hahas. love it! nokia 5700! hurhur. shall take pictures of investiture with it tomorrow and post them. hahas. okay. sleep time! night night!

here are some of the photos i took with my old phone! better post them before i forget about them. hahas. it was the sowing event i think. hahas.

RANdom pictures! oh gosh i feel so random.

pictures with best friend! lol. found them somewhere in phone.