i'm not going to invest my time on blogging anymore. bye blog!

Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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what a freaking boring day =)
Thursday, May 31, 2007, 10:55 PM

i woke up at 12.30pm today! hahas. thank you thank you. as usual brenda called me lazy. lols.

wanted to play badminton but there was no courts. hahas. until 6 to 8 lah. but that was too late for brenda and jasmine already. linda dont know go where. hahas. it was so freaking annoying can. "phone booking is only after two o clock". and when i called it was engaged. "sorry, the number you have dialled is engaged at the moment. please try again later." and so i repeated this motion - call , hang up, redial, hang up, redial, hang up. and all i got was the same response. i did this for 20 mins can. then the person said only got 6 to 8. diaos. hahas.

and so i lazed at home and slacked. hahas. went online for nothing and got bored. lols. and when i went back up it was "shallow hal" on channel five. i watched that show and was quite amused by it. hahas. by the time it finished it was 7 already. and so i continued watching " 50 first dates" which came one next. that show was nice can. hahas. i was quite touched by it actually XD lols. and it was super amusing. hahas. what do you expect? adam sandler. hahas.

then i came down to use com. hahas. and had a sudden urge to add everyone on council contact list. hahas. lols. and i did you know! hahas. i very nice right. let everyone have a chance to talk to me! XD hahas. so bhb. and then i informed all the connectians(/connecteers) about posting on connect blog! hahas. hope it actually has someone posting on it. so pathetic only have my post XD hahas.

okay. and that's my boring day! miss training already. hope i remain like last training and not screw up. hahas. really wish to retain my postion in main six and not be replaced by others. hahas. jun an feels threatened by my performance last training. is that for real or just to comfort me and give me confidence? =.= hahas. whatever. wants training badly now. still having to wake up to ms thoo's meeting, which is at 8am. if dont have that also have chemistry so no diff. lols. i better catch so shut eye now. hahas. go go go!

im so bored that i drew this right after i wrote the chunk of words up there! :D