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Chea Guo Zhang, born on 16th december 1992, 16 years old. goes to YJC. attends YHOPE, hopechurchsingapore. CHORISTE in ychoir!

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boredom = 25th may 2007 of guozhang's life
Sunday, May 27, 2007, 10:08 PM

today was like boring can. woke up at 11am loh. hahas. i was smsing the whole day. and night.

first i went online to play some games and had some brunch. hahas. then i went to bishan to shop for some gifts for my cousins in malaysia. ^^ bought mainly for the girls lah. my mum extra go buy for the guy already. hahahs. poor them. i know my mum's taste. i was wandering around and bought a lot of nice stuff for them loh. i also shopped for myself too :D my mum paying for my cousins de so i still have money for my stuff. hahas.

and i came back just in time to watch the beach volleyball finals in sentosa. hahas. they're so pro can. lols. brazil won the first place and china won the other two placings. hahas. then i went online to slack and also talked to some people. lols.

then my aunt called to tell me our whole family eating at tanah merah country club. guess what. i just told my maid to cook. =.="" and thus i had to eat double dinners. and so i ate and got changed to go.

then i go there and waited for the others to come. quite a lot of people in my family sia. excluding maternal side i think got like 25? then altogether got 50++ people loh. hahas. my paternal grandma had six children and the maternal one had nine. can imagine how big right. hahas. anw the others were there and so i went in loh. then there were two tables, one for adults smaller for kids. then i went straight to the kids one forgetting im 14 already. lols. okay some of you may think "yea what guozhang that's right for you!" but my older cousins were like laughing at me and saying wow you still sit there until so shuang ah. lols. and i was like im eternally young! hahas. then i sat there for the dinner. ^^ anw the food was nice but revolting for a person with a full stomach. amazing i managed to eat whatever was given to me. hahas. not malu-ed. hahas.

after eating i was pooped(if you think of shitting you need to read the dictionary) mentally and stomach-wise. then my cousin said he very pro at badminton and i didnt believe him. and so now i have to go to tampines to play with him tomorrow noon. lols. hahas.

okay getting late. dont want to be late for physics tomorrow. so stupid loh. holidays = break. not be cramped with so many things like extra lessons. march holidays was already a disaster. do we have to lose our june holidays too??? lols. anw nights. very tired. hahas. getting fatter! +.+"